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Summary stat downloads and new features available in the CVDKP

We're pleased to announce the availability of summary statistic download files for several important association studies via the Cardiovascular Disease Knowledge Portal, as well as some new features in the Portal that help bring meaning to genetic association results.

Download files available

Full summary results from five studies may now be downloaded via the CVDKP Data page. Association results for atrial fibrillation, albuminuria, and several ECG traits are available, from these publications:

Haas et al. 2018, Genetic Association of Albuminuria with Cardiometabolic Disease and Blood Pressure.Prins et al. 2018, Exome-chip meta-analysis identifies novel loci associated with cardiac conduction, including ADAMTS6.Lin et al. 2018, Common and Rare Coding Genetic Variation Underlying the Electrocardiographic PR Interval.Christophersen et al. 2017, Fifteen Genetic Loci Associated With the Electrocardiographic P Wave.Christophersen et al. 2017, Large-scale analyses of common and rare vari…

Connect with the Knowledge Portal Network team at ASHG!

Next week, the human genetics research community will come together in San Diego for one of the most important conferences of the year: the annual American Society of Human Genetics meeting. The Knowledge Portal Network team will be there, and in addition to presenting all the new data and features in the Type 2 DiabetesCerebrovascular Disease, and Cardiovascular Disease Knowledge Portals (KPs), we'll be launching an entirely new Portal for the genetics of sleep disorders!

We'll also present an interactive workshop on Friday that will go over the basics of navigating the Knowledge Portal Network. Download the flyer here, and find more details below.

Here's the schedule of events for the week:

Tuesday, October 16
2:05-2:30 pm: Jason Flannick will present a talk, "Infrastructure for analyzing and disseminating large-scale genetic data for type 2 diabetes and other complex diseases," in the ASHG/IGES/ISCB Joint Symposium.
Room 6C - Upper Level/San Diego Convention …