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New polygenic risk score data and new features in the CVDKP

Today there are several exciting developments for the Cardiovascular Disease Knowledge Portal. We now provide open access to files specifying risk scores for five major complex diseases, as described in a paper published today. Additionally, new interfaces that simplify the interpretation of genetic association data have been added to the CVDKP, making it easier to pinpoint variants and datasets that are informative for a disease or phenotype of interest.

Genome-wide polygenic risk score (GPS) variant weight files available in the CVDKP

One promise of the genomic era is that we will be able to predict from people's genotypes whether they are at risk of developing disease. Although this is now possible for some monogenic diseases, prediction of genetic risk for polygenic diseases has been more challenging. But a new paper, published today in Nature Genetics by Amit Khera, Mark Chaffin, and colleagues, brings us much closer to that goal for coronary artery disease, atrial fibrillatio…